Due diligence

The tenants are obliged to check the facilities for the completeness and usability of the premises as well as to complain to the landlord without delay. If the tenants fail to comply with these obligations, they have no entitlement to a rent reduction on the grounds of these objectionable points.

The tenants have to handle the rented premises and the furnishings very carefully. Damages occurring during the rental period must be reported immediately to the landlord and must be replaced by tenants


The tenant has to pay a deposit of 30% of the total rental fee within 10 days after agreement of the rental contract.
The remaining amount must be received by the landlord at least 30 days before the start of the rental period. The landlord reserves the right to withdraw from the rental agreement in the event of non-timely payments. The landlord is then entitled to claim compensation, according to the flat rates specified above


The tenant is entitled to withdraw from the contract before the beginning of the rental period. In the event of such a withdrawal, the Landlord shall be compensated as follows:

Cancellation up to 33 days prior to arrival 30% of the rental price
Cancellation 32 days to 22 days before arrival 60% of the rental price
Cancellation 21 days to 12 days before arrival 80% of the rental price
Cancellation 11 days prior to the rental period until the beginning of the rental period 100% of the rental price.

The tenant has the right to look for a substitute tenant for the house to the full rental extent. For this modification a processing fee of 50,00 EUR can be charged. In this case cancellation fees will not be charged.